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Maden Makinası




12-13 December 2024 / ANKARA

“Future Technology Meets Turkish Miners”


In today's mining production environment, where energy costs are rising, high-grade ores are produced less, and profit margins are narrowing; The necessity of advanced technology has revealed the need for mining companies to be smarter, safer and faster in order to adapt to change.

In recent years, in the mining sector, which has been developing since the dawn of man and giving its name to even the ages; In our country, as in the world, concepts such as Industry 4.0, Smart Mining, Digital technologies, Advanced Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), Data Analytics, Process Optimization have begun to be discussed and used in different dimensions.

Main trends in the mining industry;

  • Continuous decrease in the average ore grade,

  • The necessity of operating lower grade, larger and higher quality mineral deposits,

  • New businesses have to turn to underground mines rather than open pits,

  • Health, Safety and the increase in the necessity of working in harsh environments,

  • Raising environmental awareness,

  • Lack of qualified personnel,

  • Decrease in CAPEX efficiency and OPEX As a result;

  • Organization and process optimization,

  • Standardization,

  • Increased ore recovery,

  • Resource Efficiency and Reliability,

  • Operational excellence expectations,

  • Equipment automation and system management as a result of data analysis,

  • Remote, centralized operations of global facilities,

  • Standard modular design with open automation,

  • Greater focus on environmental protection

Digital solution modules and advanced technologies have been developed on and other subjects.


Digital journey for businesses that includes all of the above; It means long-term benefits, innovative ideas, empowerment of the institution and personnel, lower costs, higher quality production, increased efficiency and competitiveness. While digitalization transforms all businesses at an unprecedented pace today, it offers significant opportunities on the one hand, and on the other hand, it brings with it a number of problems and challenges. The solution to these problems is possible with the use of advanced analytics and the Internet of Things, and concrete and long-term effective results are obtained at world standards.


In order for advanced technology and industry 4.0 issues, which are discussed extensively in the world, to be brought to the agenda in our country, Maden-Tek 2024 - Mining Industry Technology Days will be organized by Turkey's Mining and Geosciences Magazine "Mincilik Türkiye" on 12-13 December 2024 in Ankara.

Maden-Tek 2024 – Mining Industry Technology Days aims to cooperate in activities that encourage technology transfer and innovation, to introduce the innovative power and activities of foreign companies in our country's mining sector, to determine the factors that will ensure strategic cooperation regarding technological challenges in the mining sector, and to mutually benefit from information exchange. The event will be attended by technology and service producing companies, local organizations that use technology intensively, and foreign mining sector representatives.


Participation of software and high-tech product and service providers and users in the following fields is invited to Maden-Tek 2024 – Mining Industry Technology Days: In all areas of mining, digital solutions and data analytics, internet of things, optimization, management, exploration (drilling, geophysics, advanced technologies in modeling, measurement, imaging and communication technologies, environment and OHS, production, logistics, infrastructure, machinery equipment and ore enrichment.

In addition, public institutions, universities, technoparks, non-governmental organizations operating in the field of mining and technology will also be the stakeholders of this process.


Contact for Sponsorship and Participation:Mining Türkiye Magazine

Telephone:0312 482 18 60


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